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Friday, December 17, 2010


Christmas is almost upon us. I absolutely love everything about the Christmas season. For a while there Christmas was not the same as it was when i was a child. I guess i felt like i had outgrown it, but ever since i had serenity that Christmas spirit came back. I love decorating my tree and baking cookies, i get so exited counting down the days for when Serenity can open her gifts. I get so exited for her. This year she got a portable dvd player with a case and kids sized headphones. Quite a few zhu zhu pet sets and a new hamster. A playdoh ice cream maker, an easy bake oven with extra cake mixes, a squeezable paint set, some little people, hot wheels, stuffies, clothes, books and dvd's. This is just from me and her father, she's going to get so much more from family.

I took a reflection picture in a silver ball on my tree, the initial picture was very grainy. I might try getting James to take a picture of us and then photo shop us in the middle so the center image is more clear. We'll see, we had fun making faces in the balls reflection though :p

This ornament is my absolute favorite on my tree. It belonged to my nona and she hung it on her tree, and my mother on hers. Now i hang it on mine and i hope to pass it along to Serenity one day to hang on her tree.

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