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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Today was one crazy day for me. It is 10:00 pm and i am finally settling down to relax. We started the morning at 8:00 am. I was pretty tired and lounged around on the furnace for a while and got toasty warm. James went out and brought home timmy's for us, which was nice. I made Serenity breakfast and then got her ready, we then decided to let her open presents. This year was so much fun for her. I can't count how many times she said "wow" to everything she opened, she was so fast pace too. She would open one present and then quickly dive for the next. She was quite funny at times, getting frustrated trying to take the ribbon off. I had to cut off all the ribbon for her. After presents we opened them and set them up, she got some new zhu zhu hamsters and sets and she was playing with them as i was building them. The girl has no patience! We then went on to play with her playdoh sets. After that we got ready and went off to my moms house. She was showered with toys there by my mother, and then my sister soon came with a present for her too.

We sat down for dinner, which was delicious as always, my mom makes the best meals. Serenity was picky as hell, and since it was Christmas i let her eat junk. She ate cupcakes, cookies and chips. Man it was hard to just "let go", i found myself getting irritated by my mom pumping her full of sugar and junk but just kept reminding myself that it is only one day. Dinner conversation was quite awkward at times. My mom and my sisters bf kept going on and on about the piercings she used to have and the way she used to dress and all the exotic pets she owns. My sister got snappy after a while, but i don't blame her. I found the conversation quite annoying and judgmental. The awkwardness didn't end there and soon went onto religion, if you knew my mom you'd know how bad this conversation gets. It always ends the same though, i'm going to hell. Well we managed to get on less confrontational subjects and finished dinner up more smoothly. I know this sounds like one hell of a dinner, but this is my crazy family and i still love them and am grateful to have them in my life.

After relaxing a bit it was off to home for me and my super squishy squishy. James was at home with his mom and dad making dinner and Serenity came home to more presents. Yikes, so many toys. I really think it was too much. I always tell myself to buy less and she doesn't need as much as she always gets, but it's hard. I find one of my ways of showing her how much i love her is to buy her all these things. It's almost like all the hugs, kisses, playing, singing to her(etc) and abundance of love is not enough. I want to give her the world. *sigh*

Anywho....The day in general was awesome, it was so warm. It was a chinook day and the sun was shining, but there was still snow on the ground. Nothing better than a warm, white Christmas day with my quirky, opinionated, funny, slightly awkward and yet still amazing family. I hope everyone else had a good Christmas too.

Feliz navidad

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